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Introducing our cutting-edge battery-buffered charging solution, a game-changer for your business, fully compliant with the requirements for Certified Elite 2024! Join the e-mobility revolution and elevate your dealership with a future-ready charging infrastructure. Contact us now to discuss how our Certified Elite 2024 compliant solution can drive your business forward!

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Are you a Ford Elite Dealer?

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Entry level 120 kW powered system or ultra-fast 320 kW charger.

ChargeBox is more than just EV charging.

Ultra-fast. Future-proof. Blue Oval ready. Available!

Meet the Blue Oval Elite program.

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Unlocking excellence for your dealership operations

When it comes to powering your dealership operations, ADS-TEC Energy stands as the definitive choice. Our cutting-edge solution, meticulously engineered in Germany, not only promises to future-proof your charging needs but has also been rigorously field-tested and proven successful in over 500 auto dealerships, boasting an impressive 97% availability rate.

In this age of next-generation cars, supporting ultra-high 920V fast charging capability, our solution is perfectly aligned with the evolving demands of the automotive industry. But what sets us apart is our unique battery-buffer design, a feature that not only supercharges your charging station but also efficiently boosting low grid power.

This translates into significant savings, both in terms of costs and time, during installation. By choosing ADS-TEC Energy, you're not only making a wise investment but also ensuring that your dealership is well-prepared to meet the stringent requirements of the Blue Oval Elite Program.

Our commitment to innovation, reliability, and cost-efficiency makes ADS-TEC Energy the natural choice to elevate your dealership operations and keep you ahead of the curve in the rapidly transforming world of electric vehicles.

Secure your discount and meet the deadline

To qualify for the Blue Oval Elite Program, it's crucial to have your charging station up and running by January 2024. ADS-TEC Energy has the equipment ready and can ensure a turnkey installation, right on schedule.

Place your order by September 30th, and we won't just help you meet the deadline; we'll provide a solution that delivers the ultimate customer experience:

  • Ultra-fast charging for the F-150 Lightning and Mustang Mach-E!
  • Minimal charging session duration!
  • Maximum customer satisfaction!
  • Demonstration: Fast charging that's convenient, reliable, and hassle-free!

Don't miss out on this opportunity to enhance your EV charging station and stay ahead in the race to electrify the future. Act now and secure your discount!

* While stocks last; Discount applies to the first 50 units ordered during this campaign, for more information contact us.

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