First "ChargeBox" successfully in use at the company headquarters in Graz since May 2021

With its dense network of charging stations, the Austrian province of Styria is considered one of the showcase regions for e-mobility in Europe. The energy supplier Energie Steiermark, which is active throughout the country and internationally, is planning to expand its fast-charging infrastructure and is relying on the battery-buffered ultra-fast-charging technology of the German manufacturer ADS-TEC Energy, an international leader in this field. Depending on the vehicle equipment, the high-power chargers from ADS-TEC Energy charge with charging currents of up to 320 kilowatts, without the disturbing noise of conventional systems. With this system, electric cars can be charged within minutes, even in the middle of the city or in residential areas, without drivers having to travel long distances to charging parks on motorways. 

Charging in minutes with up to 320 kilowatts in the middle of the city 

In May last year, Energie Steiermark commissioned a first ultra-fast charging station from ADS-TEC Energy directly in front of the main entrance to the Graz headquarters. The two green, futuristically styled charging columns quickly developed into crowd pullers: Customers, visitors and employees of Energie Steiermark are happy to use the service to continue their journey with a full battery even after short meetings or visits. 

Quick installation without lengthy building applications and high fees

Energie Steiermark is exploring further locations for fast-charging stations in the region, because the conditions are conceivably favourable: the ultra-fast-charging technology from ADS-TEC Energy requires no investment for a grid expansion and can be set up and installed within a few days without a lengthy construction of medium-voltage systems and transformer stations. This also eliminates the need for the building applications, approval procedures and ongoing fees for the larger grid connection that would otherwise be necessary in many locations.

How does ultra-fast charging work on a power-limited connection? 

The key to this rapid development with ultra-fast charging stations in power-limited grids lies in the so-called ChargeBox from ADS-TEC Energy; a battery storage system that permanently charges itself slowly to provide maximum charging power when needed. The available connection line from the grid is used directly for each charging process - in Graz it is 50 kilowatts. Only at higher charging powers is additional power from the battery storage buffered. This means that there is always enough energy and power available, even for many charging processes in a row. 

Flexible and small - with maximum performance

ChargeBox and charging columns can be flexibly positioned directly next to each other, as in Graz, or at a considerable distance of up to 100 metres. Compared to alternative grid extensions, the battery-buffered fast-charging solution from ADS-TEC Energy is usually much cheaper on average. It also takes up significantly less space. This makes development in urban locations much easier: in terms of its capacity and performance, it is the world leader in this small design. All the necessary technology, such as the battery unit with 140 kilowatt hours, power electronics, air conditioning and control system, is housed in a footprint of less than 1.5 square metres. The system operates as quiet as a whisper even in maximum operation and is therefore also suitable for use in residential areas, on multi-apartment buildings and in inner cities.