Statkraft plans for the long term and invested in the best technology

The Norwegian energy pioneer Statkraft was one of the first companies to invest independently in this modern technology for primary control power and sees this as a further step towards greater system integration of renewable energies. This grid service is normally provided by conventional power plants. However, modern battery storage systems are more flexible and dynamic and can ideally oscillate around the midpoint of the 50 Hertz without the use of fossil fuels. In close cooperation, the particularly safe and powerful battery system was completed in only 10 months. In the process, it was also immediately integrated by ADS-TEC Energy into Statkraft's automated management systems and qualified by the grid operator. The battery power plant is housed in three redundantly networked and portable container units.

Own control and firewall for maximum security

The technology offers CO2 -neutral and important system services in the power grid. Modern and intelligent battery systems, such as those offered by ADS-TEC as turnkey solutions including a specially developed control system and firewall for system security, are an important building block for the change in the energy system. The Norwegian energy company opted for a solution from ADS-TEC Energy primarily due to security aspects.

Development, technology, production: everything from a single source - Made in Germany 

Under the motto "Technology for professionals", ADS-TEC Energy develops and produces all of its storage systems for professional use with the highest standards of performance and quality - apart from the pure cells, the entire system is developed at ADS-TEC and manufactured in-house, it is therefore Technology 100% Made in Germany, which was important to the operator for long-term operation in critical infrastructure. The headquarters of the battery specialist is located at the foot of the Swabian Alb in Nürtingen and the production facility is located in Saxony just outside Dresden. Here, service, logistics and final assembly are all under one roof. The specially developed automation line for battery assembly and the IT-controlled documentation of the entire production chain enable high efficiency and quality in manufacturing. The Swabian medium-sized company has over 40 years of experience in system construction and with the development of complex IT systems, so that this extensive know-how can be used specifically for the demanding production of all battery systems.

High performance and almost no ageing

"Lithium-ion batteries are a good solution especially for short-term balancing in the grid, from a few seconds to an hour," says Matthias Holzenkamp, head of commercial asset management at Statkraft Germany. He says the aim was not to store energy from the adjacent hydroelectric power plant, but to provide frequency support for the grid operators. "Since we have the space, experts and grid access at this location, we had decided to install the batteries there," says Holzenkamp. 

After the first few years of operation, he was able to draw on some empirical values from the battery storage project in Dörverden. In a report on Statkraft's homepage, he notes: 

"The batteries work very well and have a very high capacity. There is almost no decomposition. From a technical point of view, the system works better than expected."