Ultra-fast charging without compromise

More flexible and future-proof

Our ChargeBox offers some special features. The versatile elements enable a flexible system setup, allowing you to implement your charging project efficiently and cost-effectively. Our innovative high-voltage technology ensures that our solution is ready for future electric vehicles.

ChargeBox System

The system solution for battery-buffered ultra-fast charging with up to 320 kW charging power from ADS-TEC Energy offers maximum flexibility. The ChargeBox is the most compact and efficient solution in its class. Due to the most diverse placement options of the system components, there can be up to 300 meter between the grid connection and the charging point.

Available in
  • EU
  • UK
  • US
  • CAN

Other countries on request.

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Your benefits at a glance

Ultra-fast charging

Up to 320 kW charging power, even on power-limited grids, thanks to integrated battery storage for optimizing the use of renewable energy.

Installation - fast and cost-optimized

Thanks to innovative technology, the need for grid expansion is not necessary. You save time and money when realising your electromobility project.

Future-proof solution

Thanks to advanced high-voltage technology, ChargeBox is compatible with voltage ranges from 150 to 920 V, making it future-proof and ready for upcoming electric vehicles.

Maximum flexibility

The separation of the charging station and battery storage enables a flexible installation of the ChargeBox system.

ChargeBox ultra-fast charging solution

Get 5x more power from the power-limited grid with our innovative battery storage systems.

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