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Our service team is here to assist you with all matters regarding your ADS-TEC Energy charging and storage solutions. As your reliable partner throughout the entire lifecycle, we support you from installation to modification of your system components. With our comprehensive service portfolio, we ensure the high economic availability of your equipment. Our experienced and competent service team members work in a customer-focused and goal-oriented manner, allowing you to fully concentrate on your core business.

Remote & On-site-Service
Service Agreements
Spare Parts

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For service inquiries, please contact our teams. We are available from Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

tel: +49 7022 2522-203

Extended service hours are included in the service agreements.




On-site-Support – Service Scheduling and Maintenance

Spare Parts-ServiceCrew

Spare Parts ServiceCrew – Ordering Replacement and Wear Parts
Remote Service

Quick Response for You and Your Customers

Our experts support you in operating the storage and charging solutions with in-depth knowledge. With remote diagnostics, we quickly get your system back up and running. Our specialists analyze the situation remotely in real-time.

Our support stands out for its ease of use and benefits to you:

  • Faster root cause analysis in case of equipment failure, including diagnostics
  • Optimal availability of your systems
  • Best preparation for on-site service
  • Increased economic efficiency of the charging infrastructure and battery storage through reduced response times
On-Site Service

Qualified and Reliable

Our trained service personnel and service providers are available on-site to ensure optimal care for your system:

  • Regular maintenance or inspections ensure stable operation of your charging or battery solution.
  • If needed, we are ready for troubleshooting to minimize downtime and get your systems back up and running quickly.
  • Additionally, we provide professional support for modifications and upgrades to adapt your system to new requirements and maximize efficiency.

Count on our experienced team to maintain and enhance the performance of your systems.


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Service Agreements

Stability for Your Core Business

Our tailored service agreements ensure stable availability of your charging and battery storage solutions. Choose from our three options:

For efficient remote maintenance and quick issue resolution.

Comprehensive protection and regular maintenance for maximum safety and reliability.

Guaranteed availability and continuous monitoring to minimize downtime and maximize performance.

With ADS-TEC-Energy-Parts, you also have access to high-quality spare parts to ensure the functionality of your systems in the long term.

Warranty and cost control are crucial aspects for the smooth operation of your systems.

With us, you have the option to extend the warranty up to 7 years by entering into a service agreement. This provides you with long-term security and effective cost control.


Spare Parts

Highest Quality and Fast Availability

ADS-TEC Energy reliably provides all replacement and wear parts for your equipment and delivers them on time. This ensures the continuity of your production, allowing you to rely on the usual quality and reliability of our charging and storage solutions, as we offer only genuine replacement and wear parts. You'll receive:

  • Consultation for selecting the right spare parts
  • Original equipment packages for new devices
  • Tailored spare part packages
  • Genuine replacement and wear parts
  • Fast worldwide delivery
  • Warranty on spare parts

Trainings for Teams

We empower your team to independently resolve issues and maximize the availability of your equipment. Our tailored training ensures your employees have immediately applicable expertise in areas such as:

  • Correct interpretation and acknowledgment of simple error messages
  • Functionality of ADS-TEC Energy products
  • Equipment operation and safety aspects
  • Performing basic maintenance and cleaning tasks

Our technical equipment training allows you to strengthen the competence of your staff systematically, thus increasing the efficiency and reliability of your systems.