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ChargeBox System

The system solution for battery-buffered ultra-fast charging with up to 320 kW charging power from ADS-TEC Energy offers maximum flexibility. The ChargeBox is the most compact and efficient solution in its class.

Ultra-fast charging on power-limited grids

By buffering energy from a low-power grid connection and boosting it to the vehicle during charging, we enable ultra-fast charging for 60 miles of range in just 5 minutes – even in areas with limited grid capacity.

Best in class reliability

ChargeBox is field proven with 98% up-time. Installed at more than 500 sites within Europe and North America, ChargeBox remains robust and highly reliable. 

No need for grid upgrades

The battery-buffered ChargeBox system does not require a transformer station or costly grid upgrades and connects to the existing 480 V grid infrastructure in place. Combined with the flexible installation options, this opens up diverse locations for high-power charging.

Industry-leading ROI

Traditional DC fast charging requires high-power capacity for short time periods, leading to significant demand charges with standard DC chargers.  ADS-TEC Energy's battery-buffered ChargeBox reduces peak power demand by two-thirds while providing the same charging power, resulting in substantial long-term savings.

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Ultra-Fast EV Charging for Residential Complexes

ChargeBox overcomes challenges faced by large multi-family residences to deliver EV charging to growing populations of EV drivers.

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